Your new best friend is here.

PrimePay brings you the business valuation platform Accountant Office, built to optimize your advisory role for clients. Provide insight into the value of their largest asset - their business - with detailed key performance indicators aimed to help increase the business value.

Accountant Office includes:

  • Pre-valuation
  • Simple Valuation Process
  • KPIs
  • Industry Comparison
  • Dynamic Projection Capability
  • Complete Valuation Report
  • Prospecting Filters by Pre-Valuation, Location, Industry, etc.

Here’s how Accountant Office works.

With little effort, you'll be on your way to valuing your clients' businesses. How it works:

  • Provide the business's general information.
  • Match our database for a pre-valuation indicator.
  • For a complete valuation, provide additional business specifics.
  • Receive a finalized business valuation complete with a detailed 30-page report.

That's it!