Thank you to everyone who attended our webinar with Laura Kerekes of ThinkHR: 6 Avoidable Leave of Absence Mistakes. The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is one of those regulations that continues to prove to be challenging to keep up with. We hope you learned a lot from our presentation.

If you missed the webinar or would like to view it again, we recorded it for you. See below or click here.

To recap - FMLA provides protected time off for:

  • Childbirth and care for a newborn child.
  • Placement of a child for adoption or foster care.
  • Care for a child, spouse, or parents with a serious health condition.
  • Serious health condition of the employee.
  • Any qualifying exigency arising from a covered military service member or family member.
  • Care for a service member or veteran family member with a serious injury or illness. 

Here's a rundown of the mistakes we talked about:

  1. Failing to meet the FMLA notice requirements.
  2. Misunderstanding what qualifies as a serious health condition.
  3. Failing to integrate the company's FMLA policy with other leave policies.
  4. Misunderstanding how to structure and count FMLA leave time.
  5. Mismanaging an employee's return when light duty is needed.
  6. Failing to properly reinstate an employee returning from FMLA leave.

To get a copy of all the slides (that include ways to avoid these mistakes), click here.

To view a comprehensive guide of FAQs, click here. 

To view a full checklist of what you need to know to comply with FMLA, click here. 

Additional resources from the DOL:

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