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HR Solutions | Human Resource Advisor | HR Expert
HR Live
Chat with SPHR/PHR certified advisors and benefits experts who will provide a written follow-up on any issues addressed.
Online HR Advisor | HR Online
HR Web
You’ll have unlimited access to a comprehensive online human resource library filled with step-by-step guides.
Human Resource Compliance | Small Business HR
Compliance Assurance
Our solution is there whenever you need it, helping to keep your small business compliant with local, state and federal HR laws.
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Helping you make the right HR decisions.

As you expertly keep your business growing, your hands are likely in areas where you may not be an expert. That’s where HR Advisory comes in and assumes the role of a human resources professional. 

Both options, HR Web and HR Live, help you gain knowledge to guide you through sensitive decisions and dismiss risk for legal disputes.

The difference is clear:

HR Live: Access to certified HR and benefits experts
HR Web: 24/7 access to online HR library filled with step-by-step guides

HR Advisory Online

You can count on HR Advisory.

Get immediate guidance to some of the following common HR situations:

  • Discrimination – EEO, ADA
  • Performance Management
  • Recruitment and Hiring
  • Leaves of Absence – FMLA, ODL
  • Equal Pay Act Provisions
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Terminations
  • Unlawful Harassment
  • General Benefit Compliance
  • Workplace Safety

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