Benefits Tracking That Benefits You

HR3 Benefits Online Tracking Tool
Online Plan Design Tracking
From what plans you offer to what your employees are paying, HR3 Benefits is a convenient online tool for benefits admin.
Employee Access | Employee Benefits Management
Employee Management
Let employees have full control of their benefits! Our system allows employees to access, enroll and make necessary changes themselves.
EEOC & ACA Compliance | PrimePay
Comprehensive Reporting
You’ll never have to worry if your company is EEOC and ACA compliant; our reporting ensures you know where you stand.

PrimePay’s Payroll Integration

HR3 Benefits has a link to PrimePay’s payroll system that requires no management from you. Once you enter your employee information, we’ll make sure it gets to payroll and our other systems as well.

Employee Protection | Business Protection

Protect Your Business & Employees

HR3 Benefits provides another level of your business continuity plan. The system houses all of your employees’ benefit information and has automatic connections with major vendors and carriers.

If an employee has a change, they can make it directly online. The step-by-step renewal process guides employees through selections every year. No more faxing or filing information; your benefits administration is safe … and personal.

Start simplifying your benefit enrollment process.

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