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PrimePay HR Management | Government Reporting
HR Management
Throughout the hiring stage to retirement stage, this system provides reportable information about your employees and documents needed to report to the government.
Online Benefits Administration Tool
Benefits Administration
From what plans you offer to changes your employees need to make, HR3 Enterprise consists of an online tool to aid in benefits admin.
PrimePay Payroll Integration
PrimePay Payroll Integration
HR3 Enterprise integrates with PrimePay products to keep your HR and benefits administration organized and easy to use.

Direct Link to Payroll

No more managing multiple systems. HR3 Enterprise’s direct integration to PrimePay’s payroll system and other products make managing your employee data easier than ever.

Employee Satisfaction

Only the Best for Your Employees

Your employees matter, show them how much.

The benefit administration portion of HR3 Enterprise supports core and voluntary benefit plan designs. It even supports community-based rates. With a seamless electronic eligibility transfer to carriers, your employees will also have the capability for online self-service.

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Reduce Your HR Management Workload

HR3 Enterprise also includes a state-of-the-art HR management system. This allows you to access a variety of data regarding your employees, including:

  • Individual employee information
  • Demographics
  • Education and licenses
  • Tracking of employee assets such as keycards
  • Company information


An online HR library is also available, providing access to necessary forms to ensure you maintain EEOC and ACA compliance. The system has the ability to keep track of new hire onboarding, including specific training you’ll need.

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