Integrated HR Management Tool

That Provides Resources to Track Your Employees

PrimePay Integrated Payroll
Payroll Integration
HR3 Essentials integrates with PrimePay’s payroll and other products to make secure HR management a breeze.
PrimePay HR Data | Online HR Management
HR Data You Need to Comply
From hire to retire, this system provides reportable information about your employees and documents needed to report to the government.
Secure Portal | PrimePay Data Security
Security & Price Matter
Whether you log in from the office or at home, the affordable HR3 Essentials solution provides levels of security to make sure your employee data is safe.

Fully Integrated Payroll & HR

HR3 Essentials has a direct feed into PrimePay’s payroll system. Once you enter your employee information, we’ll handle all the heavy lifting to get it into payroll. You no longer have to worry about managing your payroll and HRMS relationship, we’ll handle it all for you. The HR3 Essentials and payroll integration helps to reduce administrative tasks, increase accuracy, enhance consistency, and more.

Digital HR Library

Benefit documents, government required forms and pertinent employee documents are available in HR3 Essentials’ online digital library. The system also has the ability to keep track of new hire onboarding, including specific training you’ll need.

Incorporated Business Plan | Business Continuity Plan

Built-in Business Continuity Plan

By housing all of your company and employee HR and benefits information in one secure location, you have incorporated a business continuity plan. In case of a disaster, all of your information will be accessible when you need it most.

Storage & Security

HR3 Essentials allows employers to access a variety of data regarding their employees, including:

  • Individual employee information
  • Demographics
  • Education and licenses
  • Tracking of employee assets such as keycards
  • Company information

Role-based security lets you limit what administrators and managers are able to view. This gives you the ability to securely store all of your employee data in one place.

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