Mandatory Tests In Just 3 Steps

NDT Nondiscrimination Testing

The IRS mandates that pre-tax benefit accounts, including cafeteria plans, flexible spending accounts and health reimbursement arrangements, must complete Nondiscrimination Testing (NDT). NDT ensures equality to all employees by evaluating the eligibility, contributions and benefits on a non-discriminatory basis.  No plan is exempt and the risk of non-compliance can result in serious fines and penalties.  

Audits Are Increasing

In order to document a plan in compliance, an annual test must be performed and the results documented for each plan.  If a plan fails any of these tests, certain highly-compensated employees will lose pre-tax treatment of their benefits.  Audits are on the rise so employers will want to ensure that their plan is passing NDT by the end of their plan year.  

Cue PrimePay’s NDT Solution

Our solution streamlines the burdensome areas of employee benefits compliance with a simple 3-step process within PrimePay’s NDT Portal. In doing so, we can ensure plan compliance and provide formal document annual testing results.

3 Simple Steps

  1. Download testing template
  2. Fill out template
  3. Submit to PrimePay Benefit Services

The NDT Solution includes:

  • Secure transmission of all data, ensuring the security of private information.
  • All test(s) required by the IRS are included.
  • Mid-year testing is offered to help you uncover potential problems for your plan’s year-end test.
  • Tangible, easy to understand reports which include corrective steps (if needed).

We’re always here for you!  In choosing our solution, you’ll have our live support and assistance whenever you need it. 

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