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Why Your Employees Are Crucial to Small Biz Growth

small business, hiring, small biz, small business growth
February 1, 2017 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
If you’re anything like Best Line Equipment, you know it’s tough to find qualified employees that fit your unique small business mold. With competition from bigger companies to just...

The Small Biz Guide to Hiring for the Holidays

November 14, 2016 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
The holiday music has begun to infiltrate speakers and shelves are stacking up with festive décor and gifts. For some small business owners, this means things are about to get crazy.Gearing up for...

Connecticut, Louisiana Lawmakers Pass Ban the Box Law

ban the box, legislation, hiring
June 17, 2016 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy signed a new Fair Chance Employment law on June 1st, 2016. More commonly referred to as “Ban the Box,” this law limits pre-employment criminal...

Tax Implications When Hiring Out-of-State

tax laws, remote employee, out of state employee, tax implications
June 15, 2016 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
You’ve just found your perfect candidate to fill the new role in your IT department. He accepted the offer and you breathe a sigh of relief – your small business is growing! There’s...

Small Biz Owners Share Top Tips for Recruiting Employees

small business tips, hiring tips, small business recruiting
June 6, 2016 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
Recruiting top-notch talent for your small business is likely one of the top challenges you face today. In a competitive talent pool that deepens when small businesses are pinned up against larger...

Attract Top Talent to Your Small Biz with an Effective Job Description

May 11, 2016 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
On the pathway to achieving the ‘American Dream,’ entrepreneurs must overcome some pretty intense challenges. You must adapt to the ever-changing marketplaces and typically wear about a...

Roundup: Hiring Millennials vs. Mid-Career Professionals

hiring, millennials, small business
March 31, 2016 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
As our own SVP of sales Karen Cimorelli-Moor mentioned in a recent blog post, millennials are about to be the largest segment of employees in the workforce. Their potential to make an impact on your...

How to Determine if a Job Candidate is a Cultural Fit

March 24, 2016 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
On paper, the candidate looks near perfect. The phone screening went well and you decide to bring this person in for an interview to take on the crucial role you need filled.Finding great talent for...

Leading Millennials Through the Hiring Process: A Business Owner’s Guide

job hiring process, employee hiring process, millennial generation, new hire benefits, employment benefits
January 4, 2016 | Karen Cimorelli-Moor | 0 Comment Comments
As you’re likely aware, the millennial generation is poised to become the largest segment of employees in the workforce. By helping them get through the hiring and onboarding process smoothly,...

Hiring Trends Expected for Small Businesses in 2016

employment, small business trends, hiring 2016, hiring small, secrets to hiring, small business owners
December 2, 2015 | Martin Stowe | 0 Comment Comments
With the new year in sight, business owners worldwide are beyond busy finishing up the necessary functions to close out 2015 on a high note. Whether year-end goals were met or adjustments need to be...


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