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Tax Records: How Long Should You Keep Documents Around?

taxes, payroll taxes, IRS, small business
December 30, 2016 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
Clutter. It can get the best of even the most organized person.But some paperwork is necessary to keep around. As we inch toward tax filing season, the IRS released some insight into how long you...

19 Common Payroll Terms Every Business Owner Should Know

payroll terms, business knowledge, terms to know
December 16, 2016 | Shannon Peffer | 0 Comment Comments
Just hired your first employee? Finally took over payroll processing duties? Simply want to learn more about what your HR manager is doing on a biweekly basis?No matter your involvement with payroll...

Top 5 Red Flags That Indicate a Scam Email

scam, cybersecurity, small business
December 9, 2016 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
Convenient holiday shopping, preparation for the upcoming tax season, critical year-end deadlines… Chances are – your online activity is heightened around this time of year....

New Online Tool Will Help Employers Understand FMLA

FMLA, HR, compliance
December 5, 2016 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
As we all know, there are approximately a zillion different compliance regulations that small business owners have to keep up with. From minimum wage laws to the overtime rule that keeps changing,...

9 Compliance Deadlines You Can’t Miss in 2017

compliance, year-end deadlines
December 2, 2016 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
As you start making headway on that excruciatingly long to-do list for year-end, we’d like to help make the beginning of 2017 as smooth as possible for you.The following is a list of important...

State Retirement Plans Now Mandatory in 7 States

retirement savings, 401k, retirement planning
November 21, 2016 | Jessica Kornfeind | 0 Comment Comments
Roughly 39 million U.S. employees do not have a retirement savings plan through their employer. And even though it is possible to set up an outside plan, less than 10% of all employees do so.Some...

Inspire the Next Generation of Women in Business, Like You Would Your Own Daughter

women in business
November 2, 2016 | Karen Cimorelli-Moor | 0 Comment Comments
Having come of age in the midst of the booming 1980s, success was everywhere. Reaganomics reigned and the economy soared. The first space shuttle launched and brought the universe within our reach....

3 Things That Shouldn’t Stop You From Your Entrepreneurial Dreams

October 26, 2016 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
“Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up.” – Rocky Balboa.Do you feel like you’ve found your calling in life? More than 50 percent of our clients say they...

And the #PrimePay30 Giveaway Winners are…

anniversary, contest, giveaway, small business
October 20, 2016 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
As we officially marked our 30 year anniversary this month, we just want to say thank you to all of our clients for making this milestone possible.For those who weren’t aware, part of our...

4 Things Your Small Biz Should Know About Workers’ Comp

workers' comp insurance, workers' compensation
October 19, 2016 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
As we creep closer to the holiday season, for a lot of small businesses, this means you’re preparing for your busy season. If you’re considering adding staff members to help get you...


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