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Buying a Business? Make it Your Own

small business, small business growth
April 5, 2017 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
Every car has a story. From the hand-me-down you got at age 16 to the brand new wheels you were so proud to purchase after you’d saved up enough paychecks, you form a unique connection. I drove...

Why You Should Never Stop Learning in Business

small business, small business growth, education
March 8, 2017 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
They say nothing is ever accomplished inside of your comfort zone. It’s true. We get so comfortable doing something a certain way that we don’t challenge ourselves to explore other...

Why Your Support System is Important to Business Growth

small business growth, small business
February 22, 2017 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
Life is a balancing act. We go through our day to day trying to stay sane while succeeding in business and our careers as well as being the best versions of our self.For me, the only way I’m...

Why Authenticity is Paramount in Business

small business growth, small business, small biz
February 8, 2017 | Rachel Fausnaught | 2 Comment Comments
They say what’s old is new again. Fashion trends are constantly resurfacing, fixer upper houses are extremely popular and even dated news stories make impacts years later.The Detroit Mercantile...

Why Your Employees Are Crucial to Small Biz Growth

small business, hiring, small biz, small business growth
February 1, 2017 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
If you’re anything like Best Line Equipment, you know it’s tough to find qualified employees that fit your unique small business mold. With competition from bigger companies to just...

How to Overcome Adversity & Thrive in Your Niche

small business growth, entrepreneur, small business challenges
January 11, 2017 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
Coffee. Pajamas. Breakfast. Newspaper. Sounds like the makings of a perfect and very typical morning… 20+ years ago. With the digital world and new generations swiftly taking over, the...

This is Where Most Americans Moved in 2016

small business growth, entrepreneur
January 9, 2017 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
Was your New Year’s resolution to finally open your own business? Or maybe to open another location for your existing business? You may want to consider data from this new report released by...

How to Elevate Your Small Biz Brand

small business, marketing, small business growth
December 28, 2016 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
Fifty one percent of shoppers recently surveyed reported that they typically make their purchases online. Did you do the same for this holiday season?A lot of times it is way more convenient to click...

How to Adapt to Change & Why it’s Crucial for Your Small Biz

small business, small business growth
December 21, 2016 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
Thirty-three percent of our clients have been in business for 20-30 years. Chances are, the processes they implemented in year one are way different than when entering year 30. In the business world...

How to Make Your Small Biz Mission Thrive

small business growth, entrepreneur
November 30, 2016 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
When you finally make the transition into what some deem as the golden years, have you considered the legacy you’ll leave behind? While some small business owners scoff at the thought of being...


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