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33 Books Every Entrepreneur Needs on Their Reading List Right Now

entrepreneurs, business insights
July 13, 2016 | Rachel Fausnaught | 1 Comments
Vacation time or busy season. Heat wave or comfortable living. Whatever characteristics the summer season conjures up for you, as a small business owner you're expected to tackle it with the same...

Child, Dependent Care Tax Credit Available for Working Parents

child care, tax tips, business advice
June 22, 2016 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
If the sweat glistening down your forehead didn’t indicate that summer is here, June 20th marked the official start to the new season.While teachers and students alike are celebrating the...

Millennial Business Owners Most Confident in Growth, Study Shows

millennials, business owners, future of business, state of business
April 21, 2016 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
If you had to take a guess, what generation of business owners would you say are the most confident? [Spoiler: If you read the title, you already know the answer]. According to new research from the...

How an Elevator Ride Taught Me My Greatest Leadership Lesson

March 14, 2016 | Martin Stowe | 0 Comment Comments
A Lesson in LeadershipAt 22 years old I was given one of the greatest leadership lessons in my 25 year career…and it happened in an instant while riding an elevator on a cold February day.As a...

5 Ways to Prepare Your Small Business for Success in 2015

December 15, 2014 | Taylor Gordon | 0 Comment Comments
Congratulations! You've made it through another year as a small business owner. And that's no easy feat. Amid the celebrations and festivities that the holiday brings, small business owners are...

5 Things You Can Learn From Your Competitors

December 10, 2014 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
Competition is fierce. Especially for small business owners trying to contend against others in the same niche as well as corporate giants. But it’s true that you can learn some of the best advice...

Expert Roundup: The Worst Advice for Business Owners

December 8, 2014 | Taylor Gordon | 0 Comment Comments
Admit it, you've wondered. Should I take this piece of business advice or should I ignore it? As a small business owner you likely receive plenty of suggestions from family, friends, partners...

I Want You!: Management Lessons from 'The Voice'

December 5, 2014 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
In its 7th season, NBC’s hit show The Voice is turning more than just chairs. It’s turning the hearts of viewers into music lovers and aspiring musical talent into superstars.  Back in April of...

How Safe Are Your Confidential Records From a Security Breach?

November 26, 2014 | Taylor Gordon | 0 Comment Comments
An astounding 44% of small businesses surveyed by the National Small Business Association in 2013 had encountered a cyberattack. Data security breaches such as this have cost businesses thousands of...

Inspire Permanent Work Mentality from Temp Employees

November 12, 2014 | Rachel Fausnaught | 0 Comment Comments
Employees are the influential factor that make every company unique. As your business continues to grow, it’s possible that you’ll need extra help on projects that arise or preparation for the...


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