It’s that time of year again. Just as things felt like they were getting back to normal after the holidays, the upcoming tax season is looming, ready to stress you out. But it doesn’t have to. With our free annual Quick Wage and Tax Guide, you’ll be prepared to tackle 2017.

Some quick updates to note:

  • Nineteen states have updated minimum wage this year. Is your state on the list?
  • For earnings in 2017 the Social Security taxable wage base is $127,200 (increased by more than 7% from 2016).

Our guide breaks down all of the updates for all 50 states and three territories. You can download the whole guide or just the page that pertains to you. Print it out and keep it handy so you’ll be well equipped to comply in the year ahead. 

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2017 Quick Wage & Tax Guide Infographic

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19 states have updated their minimum wage this year. 

The 2017 Social Security wage base rose to $127,000. 

Click here to download the full guide. 

To visit the Quick Wage & Tax Guide portal, with individual state links, click here.