On Oct. 6-8, 2020, people and organizations came together virtually to connect with various communities in the spirit of “using technology to build a better world” at Blackbaud’s bbcon 2020.

Bbcon is an annual conference in which organizations join thousands of fundraisers, administrators, executives, industry leaders, and inspiring speakers for sessions and continuous networking. Blackbaud states, “It’s where you go to be inspired, energized, equipped, and empowered—all while connecting with your community in new ways.”

PrimePay is thrilled to have been a gold sponsor for this year’s event!

Our involvement at bbcon 2020.

At this year’s virtual bbcon 2020, we had the opportunity to present sessions covering PrimePay’s product support for organizations during COVID-19, our Veterans in Business (VIB) initiative, and an overview of our solution that integrates with Blackbaud’s Financial Edge NXT®.

PrimePay’s Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Tasha Santalucia, attended the event on behalf of PrimePay and shares her experience, “bbcon 2020 was an incredible week. Throughout our years of working with Blackbaud, the organization always delivers a best in class experience for its customers and this year’s bbcon was no exception. We are honored to have a partner in this space helping us provide essential integrated technology that enables our clients to focus on their missions.”

PrimePay’s Senior Vice President of National Sales, Tim Beadnell, shares, “As our partnership continues to evolve, it has been evident early on that Blackbaud is a world-class organization represented by individuals with great integrity and talent. Bbcon 2020 continued the trend of exceeding our expectations and delivering a top-notch experience with internal partners and future clients. If the primary goal of the conference was to inspire, Blackbaud hit the mark once again.”

Veterans in Business sessions.

It was an honor to have Monty Heath, U.S. Navy SEAL and Director of Veterans in Business at PrimePay, involved in bbcon 2020. Monty’s sessions covered his background in the U.S. Navy, prior to coming on board as the Veterans in Business Director at PrimePay.

Through his involvement with the non-profit, No Dog Gets Left Behind, Monty notes the value canines bring to veterans, and shares, “Animals are very, very important to humans. When a human loses trust in mankind, an animal, specifically dogs can be life-enhancing, life-improving. Canines are so smart and can be trained to do amazing things. They are absolutely amazing at picking up on non-verbal cues. They can sense seizures, they can de-escalate, and attempt to remove the veteran from a bad environment, a bad situation. So not only is the organization helping canines, but it is also helping humans.”  

Monty also discusses his involvement with VetFran, a non-profit consisting of over 600 veteran-friendly, veteran-ready companies of which many offer discounts to veteran business owners and potential franchisees. Monty explained, “I see on a daily basis, how and why franchising is becoming so popular amongst veterans.”

PrimePay is a proud sponsor of the two non-profits mentioned above, VetFran and No Dog Gets Left Behind.

To learn more about PrimePay’s VIB, visit primepay.com/veterans, or view the following video:

To learn more about No Dog Gets Left Behind, click here to view a video.

Our partnership with Blackbaud.

PrimePay is a proud Blackbaud Premier ISV Partner. This partnership enables the integration between PrimePay and Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT®, Blackbaud’s comprehensive cloud fund accounting solution. A unique feature of the integration includes the ability for employees to transfer between assigned grants or projects for tracking purposes, creating efficiencies, and providing accurate reporting.

PrimePay is proud to partner with many non-profit clients, and our experience provides us with an understanding of the unique needs of non-profit organizations nationwide. As an employee management solutions provider, PrimePay offers the necessary tools that empower teams to focus on what matters most to your organization: Your mission.

Special thanks to Blackbaud.

We wanted to take a moment to share our appreciation to Blackbaud for putting together such an amazing event.

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