GerlitzAccording to research from the National Small Business Association, one out of every three small businesses spends more than 80 hours a year dealing with federal regulations.

As a benefits broker, you know your clients’ concerns for compliance is always going to be around. In fact, it seems to only get more complicated. This presents a huge opportunity for you to be able to deliver true value to your clients. And that’s exactly what Jay Gerlitz of The Gerlitz Group in Somers, New York does.

Gerlitz began his career by mastering the art of the cold call (a skill he learned from his father) at a company selling life insurance.

“Being so new in the business back in the ‘80s, I didn't know exactly what I was selling but I could open up doors without a problem – and not in the car salesman style,” Gerlitz candidly explained.

During this time, he made some great connections and eventually started getting involved with brokers. Fast forward to more than 30 years later and his five-person firm services over 2,000 clients that span across all sizes and industries.

The Gerlitz Group provides benefit plan design, market selection, plan implementation, benefit plan review, and ongoing benefit consulting and brokerage services.  

How is he able to continue to prove that he’s a valuable partner for those clients? That’s where PrimePay comes in.

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