Sixty-six percent of consumers say planning for out-of-pocket medical costs is challenging. This statistic is part of the rising trend plaguing the health care industry.

Health care costs have consistently increased over the last five years. And because of this, employers are relying on a different type of benefit to help control costs and empower employees to make informed decisions. Consumer driven health care includes plans like flexible spending accounts (FSAs), health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs) and heath savings accounts (HSAs). These allow consumers to pay for certain expenses through deductions taken from their paychecks before taxes are taken out.

There’s a lot to understand though when it comes to pre-tax benefits and employers need to be educated before implementing these plans. That’s why we created this comprehensive eBook for you to download and learn the ins and outs of consumer driven health care.

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You’ll find things like:

  • A full break down of each plan (FSA, HSA and HRA).
  • A compare and contrast section.
  • One page documents explaining each plan.
  • A visual interpretation of data from Alegeus in infographic form.

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