The interview is one of the most important factors in the process of hiring new employees.  This gives HR managers, supervisors and other hiring personnel the best opportunity to determine whether or not candidates qualify for the position and if they would be a good fit for your company.  Through this one-on-one interaction, you can gain insight into how a candidate thinks and what kind of employee they will make.  It's important you ask the right interview questions so you get the answers you need to make the best decision about a potential new employee.

Tired of asking the same interview questions and not getting the responses or information about a candidate that you are looking for?  It's never too late to give your job interview questions a complete makeover... or at least a facelift.

CareerBuilder challenged the readers of The Hiring Site... CareerBuilder's employer blog... to recommend the most effective, insightful interview questions they've asked a job candidate.  With over 600 questions submitted, here is a preview of the top 10 interview questions that stood out.

The Best Interview Questions & Why These Questions are Great to Ask
Here are 5 of the 10 best interview questions recommended by The Hiring Site readers... along with an explanation by the person submitting the question as to why it's a great question to ask a job candidate.

1. What does a company owe its employees?
Why it's a great question: "The interviewer learns more about what true expectations a candidate has for a company."

2. If an employee went about a task in a way which clearly contradicted your instruction, yet was highly successful. How would you handle it??
Why it's a great question: "When hiring for a management position I like to ask a candidate this question. You can gauge a lot about their management style by how they handle the situation and what they focus on in this scenario."

3. What risks did you take in your last position?
Why it's a great question: "I like this question because it lets me know what I can expect from a candidate. Are they willing to step outside the box?"

4. What was the most useful criticism you ever received, and who was it from? 
Why it's a great question: "You learn what kind of feedback the person is receiving so you can determine their performance. It gives you insight into their weaknesses that others view as well."

5. Tell me when you used your sense of humor to diffuse a situation.
Why it's a great question: "Most large corporations and many small ones feel that a sense of humor is not needed and it is not encouraged. We firmly believe that a happy employee is a productive one."

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