how to create an effective job postingThe last article in our series… 3 Critical Steps for Creating an Efficient Employment Process… provides some best practices for crafting an effective job posting.  One of the best ways to make a great first impression on future employees is to develop an effective job posting or advertisement.  Many times this posting is your first contact with a job seeker so you want to put your best foot forward and portray your company in a positive light.  In this article, we’ll discuss some tips, suggestions and critical elements for creating a successful job posting.

The Importance of a Job Title
One of the main differentiators that can attract more responses to your posting is to make sure the job title draws in your potential candidates.  Instead of just stating the exact title of the job such as Web Developer, you might consider something more descriptive, such as “Senior Web Developer for High Growth Company in Chicago”.  This gives the job seeker a considerable amount of information built into the title and can motivate them to read more.

With job postings, you have a small window of opportunity to attract and keep someone’s attention.  Many candidates do a quick scan and move on if they don’t think the job title is what they are looking for.  You want to stand out from the crowd and a well-developed job title is the key to attracting their attention.  Take some extra time and think about what would attract you to a certain position.  In the end, it may be the one element that makes a job candidate want to read more and apply.

Developing Your Company Image & Brand
It’s essential to develop a company description and image that expresses who you are as an organization.  How you brand your business in your job postings is important.  This is especially true for small and mid-size businesses that may not necessarily have the name recognition that larger organizations have.  Some of the key elements that contribute to branding a company include:

  • An overview of what the company does and the services or products you provide
  • The industry your company is in
  • Any special recognition your company has been awarded
  • The size of the company and how many employees you have
  • The job location including city and state or metro area
  • Your company and workplace culture

Outlining the Job Description
A good job description should include an overview of responsibilities, requirements of the position such as skills and experience, education or special certifications and whether the position is full-time, part-time, seasonal or a freelance or internship position.  Learn how to creative an effective job description in our recent blog article… 9 Elements for Developing a Good Job Description

Instructions on How to Apply
It’s important to provide job candidates with specific steps for how to apply for the job.  Do you want them to call, email or visit a website?  Nowadays a lot of this is handled online either by visiting a specific recruitment website and uploading a resume or by applying through the company’s corporate website.

If you are interested in a person who pays special attention to detail, here’s a useful tip.  Within your job posting, include special instructions to copy and paste a specific line such as “Attention to detail is a very important part of the job.”  If the candidate includes this sentence when applying, you know they are paying attention to the details of the job posting.

Be Sure to Proofread Your Job Posting
This may seem pretty basic but be sure and proofread your job posting for spelling and grammatical errors as well as accuracy.  Any errors will reflect poorly on your company and may result in less candidates applying.  Be sure to read your job posting several times and have at least one other person proof the posting.  Also, be sure to spell check the job posting one more time after you have completed the proofing process.

More Tips on Writing a Job Posting
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