From the grapes on the vine to your yummy glass of wine, the art of wine-making is something that’s been around for almost…ever.

Around $38 billion was spent on wine in the United States last year. While it’s clear the taste for this alcoholic beverage is ripe, it also proves that it’s a tough industry to stand out in.

Here’s how one of our clients, Moore Brothers Wine Company in New Jersey and Delaware (and coming soon to Brooklyn) makes sure they stand out (and how you can too) -


Moore Brothers represents the work of winegrowers who are committed to natural farming, small producing and the traditions of their respective regions. Beyond that, they foster a personal relationship with the small family farms.

It’s so easy to look at aspects of your business as more of a numbers game without that personal touch that all consumers still crave. Data, revenue, even hiding behind social media profiles can cause you to lose a really important strategy: being human. By cultivating that relationship with the small family farms, Moore Brothers is able to bring a unique sense of care into the industry.  

According to Office and Public Relations Manager Katherine Moore, “We are passionate about teaching others that wine is not a commodity; it's an agricultural product that should be respected.”

Focus on relationships in business just like you would in your personal life; remember that consumers buy from people, not from companies.


wineThink about the last time you left a store, restaurant, bank, etc. feeling really good about the experience you just had. What made it stand out to you? Improve your customers’ experience by addressing their needs and go a step further to do something truly special that resonates with them. Bottom line: make sure your company is easy to do business with.

Moore explains how even their retail store is reflective of their care for the product. “Bring a jacket, or use one that we provide, even the store is 56 degrees. Our customers appreciate these relationships that we have and the freshness of the wines we sell,” she said.

Customer experience and marketing go hand in hand. Identify what it is that makes your experience so great and that’s all the marketing you’ll need. Whether it’s providing outstanding customer service or a unique sense of care and pride for your products, highlighting those strengths will let the experience shine.

These days, those lofty claims that you have the “best product on this side of town” aren’t enough. With such a noisy marketplace and startups hatching every day, you must identify what makes your small business unique and play up those strengths.

To learn more about Moore Brothers Wine and how you can really taste the difference, click here.

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