Adopting new technology is supposed to make the workplace more productive, rescue employees from repetitive tasks, and support more intelligent, high-level decisions for future success. However, those potential gains can go unrealized when employees don’t use a platform to its maximum potential. 

Eighty-eight percent of Americans expect brands to provide online, self-serve support. Seventy-five percent expect to get help within five minutes.

Technology companies try to help by offering online support. This practice is so widespread that consumers ‌expect fast, accurate responses on demand. However, most clients accept that they must leave the product interface to get help. It’s not an easy process, so it naturally leads to frustration when large human capital management (HCM) providers launch unexpected updates that introduce unfamiliar product and design features. And sometimes, HCM systems come with no support, leaving admins and employees to figure out how to get the best results from the technology on their own.

Sixty-three percent of customers expect businesses to understand their needs and expectations.

Providing a good client experience is essential. In-platform feedback can do a lot of the heavy lifting to tame user frustration by offering communication, training, user guides, surveys, and yes, the ability to leave feedback. Look for in-product feedback as a core feature that helps users get the most out of their new HCM.

Exasperating Updates Hurt User Experience

Updates are inevitable. Most technology companies regularly add new functionality to their products to support client success. Still, change is hard. Users must relearn a user interface and find commonly used menu items. They have to educate themselves about added features. Too often, an unexpected update arrives as a morning surprise, demanding users spend unplanned time on technology training to continue their core tasks. It’s a rude awakening that lowers workplace productivity with no added profit.

The available resources for learning about technology satisfy just 50% of employees.

With each new technology or update, workers must step away from their everyday activities to address frustrations, such as

  • Managing the disconnect between the previous system version and a recent update 
  • Learning a new technology for which no training is available
  • Wrestling with an overwhelmingly complicated technology without guidance
  • Investigating how to implement features they know are available but don’t use
  • Reporting a software bug without taking time away from tasks or submitting a service ticket through another system

Eliminate Frustration with In-Product Feedback

The lack of an in-product feedback mechanism leaves admins and employees alone in the above scenarios. But when this feature is included, they can avoid these distractions altogether. In a world where only 53% of consumers believe their suggestions go to someone who will read or implement them, in-product feedback helps ensure users become significant contributors to a continually improving product.

With feedback available in-platform, admins and employees enjoy:

  • Experiencing a human touch: The right HCM allows input and feedback to reach the eyes of a real human. Users know they can speak up, and their HCM will ensure feedback reaches a representative that can take note of their feedback.
  • Feeling valued: Users can participate in surveys, knowing their HCM provider wants to hear their concerns and meet their expectations.
  • Being part of the product roadmap: Admins and employees see their feedback implemented in future product updates and know they’re an essential part of the product improvement journey.
  • Feeling confident in their performance: Admins and employees know they’re using the product and its features (even brand new ones) fully for the best results possible.
  • Getting a glimpse of the future: Admins and employees never get caught off-guard by unexpected updates. They receive alerts about what’s coming and know what to expect.

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