Protect The Identity of Your Employees
It doesn't take much for someone to steal the identity of your employees. Leaving a copy of a paper pay statement on a desk or crumpling it up and throwing it away could increase the risk of identity theft. If a paper pay statement includes an employee's name, address, social security number and bank account information, a thief has all they need to steal your employee's identity. Protect yourself and your employees by switching to online pay statements. Electronic pay statements are more secure, reduce paper waste and keep confidential information safe.

Access Pay Statements Through a Secure Web Browser
Online pay statements are electronic pay statements that employees and employers can securely access via the web anytime, from anywhere with an Internet connection. Online pay statements include the same pay information normally seen on a paper statement such as gross and net pay, taxes withheld, year-to-date totals and accruals for vacation and personal time. Employees can view their current and previous pay statements online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week... eliminating the need to keep copies of printed paper statements.

Why are Online Pay Statements More Secure Than Paper Statements?

  • Online pay statements are accessed through a secure web browser
  • Employees are issued secure logins - if they forget their username or password, they first must answer a series of security questions before they can login
  • Paper statements run the risk of getting lost or thrown away increasing the chances of exposing confidential employee information
  • Employees' bank account numbers are masked to help eliminate the risk of identity theft
  • Social security numbers are not shown on electronic pay statements for added security