Employers today are faced with an overwhelming amount of decisions when it comes to health care. However, the end goal always remains the same – to provide the best, most affordable options to employees.

But it’s nearly impossible for these owners to comb through the complicated benefits, HR, and compliance landscape…without some help.  

Group Health Solutions, the benefits company of SDL + GHS, is an employee benefits agency in New York helping clients navigate the complex world of group and individual health insurance. They’re also a PrimePay Broker Concierge partner.

robAs managing director (with a specialty in group benefits) Rob Bujan explains, technology and transparency have been key players in their quest to make clients’ lives easier. Here’s how.

The right fit.

You get a great referral from a client who you’ve done business with for years. It has the potential for being a huge deal in your book of business and you’re excited about the opportunity. But, after meeting with the business owner, you realize that what you offer might not actually align with their goals as beautifully as you imagined. Disappointment ensues. Sound familiar?

Instead of trying to come up with a customized plan and make something work that really shouldn’t, GHS leads with transparency.

“Not everybody is going to be a great fit for every broker and not every broker is going to be a great fit for every client. And we're pretty up front and honest about that. If we're doing an evaluation on a client and we just feel that there's really nothing that we can bring to the table, we'll typically say, ‘Give us five minutes. Let us explain our technology and if this is something that you think that would benefit you, then let's continue the conversation.’ We’re just not going through an arduous sales process just to get a client on the books,” explained Bujan.  

Bujan has been in the employee benefits industry for over 25 years and truly believes in this code of ethics. He understands that people are very concerned about what’s going to happen with the hot button issues of health care, mergers, the individual market, Medicare/Medicaid, etc. And though commissions have been gutted over the last 10 years, he still takes it upon himself to do all that he can to take that fear away from clients.

“We give back to the community and often provide services for individuals who need to get enrolled on Medicaid and or need guidance in the individual market. It’s not just about making money; we should really be a good corporate neighbor.  We're an expert for a reason and there's times that we need to be able to give that expertise to our community or to our clients without expecting anything back from it,” said Bujan.

Transparency is such an important factor of a healthy business relationship. Strong relationships are built on trust and the key to gaining that trust is transparency. Proactive, honest communication will lead to better results.

In what ways have you practiced transparency at your agency?

Technology for everyone.

“No, I don’t want to have more time to focus on my work,” – said no one ever.

GHS sells themselves as a technology-driven organization with a depth of knowledge of benefits that can help solve common HR problems.   

“Thanks to our technology, we have the ability to assess an employer's need and fix their pain points of having too much to do and not enough time,” said Bujan.

Having the right tools in place to streamline processes is a necessary first step in easing your clients’ worries. The second (and crucial) step is adding the human element and support to back up that technology.

There are so many benefits to becoming a technology-driven agency. A lot of times, business owners are hesitant to add more options for coverage because of the exhausting (and tricky) paperwork. But Bujan says, “In the last two months, I have three solid examples of how we’ve been able to refocus clients on hiring and employee engagement and benefits and get them in compliance by following up on the paperwork nightmare they’re in.”

Technology can help increase ease of integration with different carriers, streamline communication and open a world full of greater efficiencies for your clients.

How has technology helped your agency?  

Bonus: Integration with PrimePay and Employee Navigator.

GHS and PrimePay have been working together for several years.

“We make it easier for clients to have happier employees when we transition them from one of your competitors over to your services,” said Bujan.

And with PrimePay’s recent integration with Employee Navigator, Bujan is excited for the opportunities to come.

“When we started working with Employee Navigator, we needed to really find some more efficiencies with regard to eligibility and employee benefits. Section 125 programs are all complicated, but we felt that PrimePay offered the fix and was able to dig down and make something good happen. We talked to both Employee Navigator and PrimePay and hoped that they would be able to enter a partnership which they now have so we're really excited about that,” he said.

You can learn all about our offerings through Employee Navigator by clicking here.

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