They say nothing is ever accomplished inside of your comfort zone. It’s true. We get so comfortable doing something a certain way that we don’t challenge ourselves to explore other options. But if you get complacent in your business processes, that could spell disaster.

The key to breaking this barrier is education. Whether it’s combing through resources for a product you use, reading a blog with topics related to your industry or even attending conferences – educating yourself and your staff will prove to be one of the best things you can do for your small business.

Resource Depot, a nonprofit in West Palm Beach Florida, truly believes this fact. By transforming unwanted, reusable materials into educational and artistic items, this organization “fills minds, not landfills.” Their whole philosophy is built around that idea of education.

“With the materials we collect, we are able to offer a variety of kids’ activities that incorporate tactility and allow them to practice fine motor skills,” said Erica LeBrun, marketing and special events coordinator.

The nonprofit space is certainly unique in that organizations are always researching and learning new ways to find fundraising opportunities. But what in your small business could you be doing to constantly educate yourself and your staff? Here’s why it matters:

Resource DepotGain perspective:

The business world is always changing. As new technologies and processes are developed, you’ve got to ensure you and your staff are developing alongside them.

When you question how things are done, whether they are successful or not, you gain a sense of perspective. This will not only make you a better-rounded person, but you’ll be able to more soundly understand your employees’ work and thus elevate them to a new level.

Providing constant refreshers of your products and how they’re used would greatly benefit your team. This will equip your employees with the knowledge to answer any question or concern before it is even asked. By investing in your employees, your business as a whole will prosper.

Expand your network:

Whether you’re a small business owner working from your home or in a tiny office space you rent out every month, your networking opportunities shouldn’t be as limited as your space. You can take a class online or attend an industry conference to meet and collaborate with new people. And collaboration is so crucial to obtain that education factor in your small business.

LeBrun’s advice for nonprofit organizations looking to expand is centered on this idea of networking. She says, “scope out other nonprofits in your area to see what causes they’re supporting and perhaps find a way to collaborate. Also, learn about your community and what there is a need for.”

Step outside that aforementioned comfort zone and engage with the community around you. When you build up that network, referrals and word-of-mouth marketing start to come into play that’ll help with your business growth.

Be happier:

Learning something new can be frustrating. Stretching your brain to its limits to perfect that new skill is certainly tough, but nothing feels sweeter than that sense of accomplishment. This sense of personal development is so important to enhance morale that then carries into your culture.Resource Depot

LeBrun explains that feeling as it pertains to joining the reusable community: “It’s the right thing to do. When you join Resource Depot you are supporting three core categories: environment, education and the arts.”

Our own personal happiness shouldn’t have to depend on others. When you push yourself to learn new things, you’ll be amazed at the positive impact it’ll have on your business.

To learn more about Resource Depot, click here.

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