Life is a balancing act. We go through our day to day trying to stay sane while succeeding in business and our careers as well as being the best versions of our self.

For me, the only way I’m able to make this work is with the support of those around me. But for some, while the same may be true, it can be tough to admit when help is needed.

Camp Possibilities is a nonprofit camp in Maryland for children with diabetes and they couldn’t make as much of an impact on so many lives without the help of their 70+ volunteers.

Because of the complexity of diabetes management, these kids aren’t often able to attend a weeklong summer camp. Camp Possibilities makes this dream…well, possible.

“The inspiration for camp, and what it remains to be, is to make a difference in the life of a child,” said founder Jeff Dietz.

In order to make your dream possible, here are a few ways to find support.


When you think about who you could lean on for support for your small business, I doubt your competition is the first thing that comes to mind. But there is so much you can learn from the others operating in your industry.

In the nonprofit space, fundraising is generally a challenge that most organizations have to overcome.

“The biggest challenge we face is a sustainable funding model for camp. To overcome it, we continually study other models and seek ideas from other diabetes camps,” explained Dietz.

Camp PossibilitiesWhile other camps aren’t necessarily considered competition in this sense, Dietz explains how he uses inspiration from others to find a solution that works for his organization.

How can you make this work for your small business? Check out your competitor’s website and blog posts for a start. Maybe they’ve experienced a challenge similar to you and they decided to write about it. Join some online communities on places like LinkedIn and Facebook and see how others are lending their expertise. If you’re feeling like you don’t have time to root around for this kind of information, let it come to you. Sign up for Google Alerts and get notices sent to your inbox whenever something is published that pertains to whatever you elect to get alerts for.


When you go into business, no one expects you to be a complete expert in everything. As a business owner, you’re super skilled and talented when it comes to your passion, but it’s unlikely you’re an expert in things like, running payroll or completing HR tasks. That’s where your business relationships come into play.

As our SVP, Corporate Training and Enablement, Karen Cimorelli-Moor puts it: “Small businesses have come to rely on their vendors more as partners than simply a vendor of any particular product or service.”

When you place value in the support of your vendors, the benefits go both ways. There’s the loyalty factor, the opportunity for referrals, and the chance to utilize the expertise of another business owner.

Dietz even uses business partners for marketing or recruitment of kids. Camp Possibilities

“Children generally learn about camp from the endocrinologist’s office – we provide them with flyers about camp,” he explained.

Whatever your industry, don’t be afraid to rely on your vendor relationships. When you have an open communication strategy in place, other businesses can be a big asset for you.

To learn more about Camp Possibilities, click here.

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