What is Broker Concierge?

PrimePay Payroll Tax & HR

For more than a decade, PrimePay has been fostering strong relationships and empowering brokers to grow their businesses. Since, we have observed some game-changing challenges, including:

  • Clients turning to you for HR, payroll, benefits and compliance support.
  • National payroll companies entering the employee benefits area, creating competition and pressure to deliver greater value.
  • New health care reform laws.

This prompted PrimePay to create Broker Concierge.

Broker Concierge is a unique program that was created to address the ongoing changes in health care reform and to further strengthen our commitment to employee benefits brokers. It is the industry’s leading end-to-end program that provides a business services platform with value-added HR and benefits solutions. 

Broker Concierge provides you with an instant suite of integrated HR, payroll and benefits administration services that you can offer to your clients. It also includes PrimePay’s tailored concierge and marketing services, which provides you with support at every stage of the sales and delivery cycles.

Become a Broker Concierge partner.

We know that building and sustaining client relationships can be a very time consuming initiative. Broker Concierge has been designed specifically around addressing the needs of an employee benefits broker. Once you become a Broker Concierge Partner, you'll have:

  • Access to the suite of PrimePay products and services that you can offer to your clients.
  • PrimePay’s tailored concierge and marketing services designed to help you promote each product and/or service.
  • Industry exclusive resources and tools.
  • Program and industry specific training and support.

We've saved the best for last: Becoming a Broker Concierge Partner is free. Most importantly, you have our pledge that PrimePay does not – and will not – sell health insurance.

Access continuing education courses.

PrimePay Payroll Tax & HR

Take advantage of PrimePay's relationship with WebCE for CE courses and licensing prep.  


We offer CE courses for the following:

  • Insurance CE (Life/Health, Property & Casualty, Adjuster)
    • CFP CE
    • CPA CPE
    • PACE

We offer licensing exam prep for:

  • Life/Health
  • Property & Casualty

Features of the Broker Concierge program.

PrimePay Payroll Tax & HR

Broker Concierge helps you meet client demands for more services so you can thrive in today’s complex & competitive environment.

Broker Concierge resources to keep you up-to-date.

As a member of Broker Concierge, you will have access to tons of educational, marketing, and promotional resources. From co-branded materials to briefs and webinars, you will have the ability to promote a full suite of HR, payroll and benefit solutions to your clients.

Partner Resource Briefs

You will have access to our full library of research briefs, including:

Partner Webinars

Our monthly partner webinars will provide you with strategic advice and keep you informed on the latest compliance and regulatory updates. Click here to see the latest.

Partner Tools

Partner-exclusive tools designed to help you answer your clients’ toughest questions.