As an employee benefits broker, it is getting harder and harder to get in front of the right prospects. Even more challenging is differentiating yourself once you do get in front of them. Instead of fighting the spreadsheet war or throwing in another "free service", it's time to focus on Broker Exsellence™. 

Broker Exsellence™ requires the team leader and company to provide a high performance yet fulfilling work environment which aligns processes, systems, and people to grow the top line, develop the team, and provide an exceptional experience while meeting the customer demands.

In this webinar, you will learn the keys to building this team, including:
 - Who should be on the team and how to get them there
 - How to create and execute a strategic sales and marketing plan
 - What tools are available to you right now

We will allow for some Q&As at the end of the webinar. 

Ryan Miller


Ryan Miller is a coach to high performers and a consultant to industry leaders with over 20 years’ experience in sales, marketing, personal branding, as well as professional and leadership development. He's worked in many industries including Healthcare, Medical, Real Estate, Construction, and Media.  Helping people succeed is Ryan’s single passion in business.

His strategic, hands-on approach to consulting has helped his clients to uncover needs and create effective solutions in all aspects of their business. With his experience within the employee benefit space he understands your business, he can create the ideal sales and marketing process, gain market exposure and operate in a more productive manner.

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