“Time savings are important for us as a small business. If I spend an hour dealing with payroll when I should be out selling the next project or servicing the next customer, that’s a huge loss.”
Justin Hardy

A chance meeting, and an immediate solution

Hardy met a PrimePay Sales Executive at a networking event where he learned about PrimePay’s payroll solution and services. Eager for a better solution, Hardy engaged PrimePay, asking questions and soaking in the information.

With PrimePay, employee onboarding is quick and easy, and the intuitive and user-friendly website means there’s no need to pore through a knowledge base looking for seemingly simple answers. Hardy hasn’t just reduced the time he spends on the bi-weekly payroll run. Electronic funds transfer instantly and payroll runs like clockwork. In the rare cases when he does have a question or an issue, he takes advantage of PrimePay’s service team, getting immediate help from a live person with expertise working with companies of Switch’s size.