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We believe in the
power of small business.

Since 1986, PrimePay has been helping small businesses get time back in their day to focus on what matters most. This is possible through our payroll, HR, Time Clock and benefits admin services that help to ensure compliance and provide exceptional support during the employee lifecycle.

Our unique service model, single-source solutions, proprietary SSAE 16 Type II compliance solutions, and rigorous security practices help business owners maximize efficiency at every stage of business growth. 

We provide a unique and exceptional experience to each of our clients thanks to our homegrown roots. From one employee to 100, our clients count on us to consistently do the right thing for their business, their staff, and their own peace of mind. 



We believe in the power of small business. Over 70 percent of our clients contribute to charity. That, plus the amazing work they're doing in their local communities is certainly worth celebrating.



Our service model and resources guide clients to spending less time on back-office tasks and more time doing what they love. We're with them every step of the way.



With payroll, HR and benefits administration solutions that fit every business's unique needs, we're able to empower clients to easily manage their employees from hire to retire.