WEST CHESTER, Pa. -- PrimePay, LLC today announced the release of its new proprietary time and attendance software called Time Clock.As the company's newest time and labor management solution, Time Clock helps mitigate time theft problems facing millions of America's small businesses. Additionally, with technology integrated with PrimePay's payroll, the platform reduces a small business's manual time card management by half.

"Since our inception, PrimePay has lead the charge in helping small businesses succeed," said PrimePay CEO Bill Pellicano. "That's why, in addition to stopping time theft, Time Clock helps save you time, increase efficiency and guarantee accuracy.  This allows business owners to focus on their number one priority - growing their business."

According to the American Payroll Association (APA), almost 75 percent of businesses in the U.S. are affected by time theft. This happens when employees are paid for time they have not actually worked, either by having someone else clock them in or by inaccurately documenting their hours.

While clocking in a few minutes early or out a few minutes late might not seem like a big deal to employees, the APA states that time theft can cost companies up to seven percent of their gross annual payroll. For example, a business that pays out $1 million in annual payroll could be losing up to $70,000 each year due to stolen time.

"Studies show that time management and tracking software improves employee productivity," said Pellicano. "PrimePay's cloud-based Time Clock system affords employees structure and accountability while giving employers a greater level of oversight and management."

More Time Clockfeatures include: a user-friendly interface to effectively manage employees' time and attendance data from anywhere, a mobile app and automatic overtime settings with proactive alerts to maintain labor law compliance.

Customers can also upgrade to Time Clock's HR management function that ensures data integrity, protected document storage, and facilitates time off requests and approvals. Plus, the module gives an overview of compensation, equipment and insurances.

Current PrimePay Online Payroll clients can access a free version of Time Clock. To accommodate companies with more robust needs, three additional paid versions are also available including Basic, Advanced and Pro.

Lastly, Time Clock allows businesses to use cutting-edge time technology for their punches. PrimePay offers biometric and facial recognition clocks that can be purchased or rented to work seamlessly with the new software.

For more information on PrimePay's Time Clock, visit PrimePay.com/Time-Clock