West Chester, Pa. -- PrimePay, the nation’s largest privately-owned payroll company, announced the promotion of Eric Hernandez to Senior Vice President of Client Success. In this role, he will oversee the payroll, ACA, and HR3 departments at PrimePay’s corporate headquarters.

Hernandez started his career with PrimePay in 1997 as a tax associate. After about a year in that role, he took over as manager of that department. Since, he’s undergone many promotions and moved from PrimePay’s southeast region to the West Chester headquarters after the company’s consolidation in 2014.

“From the minute Eric started his career with PrimePay 20 years ago, I knew he had the potential to be a fantastic leader in our organization,” said Bill Pellicano, CEO of PrimePay. “With his industry experience, commitment to delivering perfection and thorough understanding of PrimePay, I am confident that he will elevate our clients' success to new levels.”

Under his new title, Eric will work to improve communication across all departments. He will also focus on increasing further service integration between PrimePay’s products.

“I’m a process and accountability person. I look at everything client-facing. I want to achieve a higher level of satisfaction for our clients from the point of entry throughout their whole service experience. And I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to oversee this process and to further support such an incredible team,” said Hernandez.

Hernandez has earned multiple LEAN certifications and explained that it’s really given him perspective in the way he approaches problems. The principle behind LEAN thinking focuses on creating value for the customer while reducing energy and effort.

“My LEAN training has really opened my eyes to how we can create even more value for our clients here at PrimePay,” Hernandez went on to explain.

As his title suggests, Hernandez will be instrumental in creating a fluid process that enhances the success of PrimePay’s clients.

You can see the full release here on PRWeb.com.