PrimePay, a national payroll and HR provider, recently announced the launch of a new product to give small business owners an easier approach to the hiring process. Powered by GetHired, these Applicant Tracking and Employee Onboarding systems are directly integrated with PrimePay’s Online Payroll solution.

According to, new small business owners rank finding qualified workers and consuming paperwork as two of their top five biggest challenges. Both of which, PrimePay’s new product helps to alleviate.

With the Applicant Tracking system, users can post to a number of popular job boards including Indeed, LinkedIn and Glassdoor. PrimePay clients get three free job postings in the system. Users can follow along with interview progress, keep resumes in an easy-to-use database, and take advantage of the E-Verify background checks. Hiring managers can even use a text-to-apply feature that allows job seekers to apply for open positions using their cellphone.

The new hire information gathered from Applicant Tracking is sent directly to Onboarding. Small business owners and HR managers alike can eliminate double keying and the risk of human error because the data entered in the Employee Onboarding software flows to PrimePay’s Online Payroll system. Users of the electronic onboarding feature can send out onboarding packets to new hires in seconds and documents are stored securely in the cloud. It’s fast, compliant, and mobile-friendly.

“Applicant tracking and employee onboarding are a must for business owners looking to grow their company. We understand that many of our clients and their employees wear multiple hats and we are thrilled to deliver a solution. PrimePay’s goal is always to make their business life easier and this is one of the ways we’re helping achieve that,” said PrimePay CEO Bill Pellicano.

A bonus feature of both of the products is that it comes complete with the Work Opportunity Tax Credit Filing (WOTC) module. If employers are eligible, they can receive up to $9,600 in tax credits per employee. This module will display the estimated tax credit value in an application, based on questions a candidate has answered. If an employer hires that individual, the collection and filing of the required WOTC documents can be automated for a fee.

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