Broker Concierge, a PrimePay, LLC program, has launched a new website for health benefits brokers who want to further contribute to the success of their agency. The site offers an in-depth look into the company’s full suite of products, webinars for CE credits, resources and more.

So, what is Broker Concierge? It’s a true partnership program that was founded by brokers to help fellow benefits brokers succeed in a world of ever-changing regulations.

Key attributes of the program include:

  • Access to a dedicated support team.
  • An easy-to-use portal, which houses commissions and exclusive content.
  • Featured agency content to use online.
  • Educational resources from industry experts.
  • Exclusive sales promotions on PrimePay’s full suite of products.

 “We’ve done the research and we picked PrimePay to serve as our company’s payroll and administrative services. [PrimePay’s] people are great; they’re always responsive. We have learned that [they’re] very good at what [they] do,” said Jessica Galardini of JRG Advisors in Pittsburgh, PA.

The new Broker Concierge website not only features information about the program itself, but also showcases advisors, like JRG, and more integrated partnerships with companies such as Employee Navigator.

“We are thrilled about the launch of the new Broker Concierge website. It’s a perfect place to house all pertinent information for our key group of brokers, as well as showcase the extensive resources our program has to offer. The site is easy to navigate and really brings our program to life,” said Steve Jackson, SVP of Broker Concierge.

One of the ways the program is brought to life is through the events page. Broker Concierge holds monthly CE webinars, presents at local events, and produces video content on valuable selling points for brokers. This extensive calendar and video clips can all be found on the events page of the website.

Additional features include in-depth descriptions of PrimePay’s suite of services brokerage agencies can offer through Broker Concierge, direct links to social media channels, and an area to log in to the broker portal.

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