Our ACA compliance solution:

Reports on variable hour employees and plan affordability.

We also continually track the status of your workforce for reporting.

Our ACA compliance solution:

Helps file and provide IRS Forms 1094/1095.

Our team will file copies with the IRS and teach you how to provide to employees.

Our ACA compliance solution:

Equips you with penalty exposure warnings, checklists, and more.

Prepare for the worst by planning ahead of time.

Forms 1094 & 1095 filing? It’s basically done.

Our Online Payroll clients are at an advantage on this one.

By gathering data from our payroll system, and a little more info from you, we are able to handle ACA Forms 1094/1095 reporting.

When the time comes, we’ll eFile with the IRS and provide them to you for your personnel…just like we do with W-2s.​

Quick glimpse into your employee data.

The workforce tracker dashboard provides a peek into your employee data. See how many have enrolled or waived coverage, track your applicable large employer (ALE) trend, and more. Manage your data with our downloadable reports launch pad.

Now, you’ll always know where you stand as an ALE and whether or not you’re in compliance.

30 (hours) is the new 40.

Our system continually tracks the status of your workforce. By assessing your reported hours and wages, you can determine whether your part-time employees are considered full-time equivalents under current ACA laws. 

You'll gain insight to help you better manage measurement periods and potential penalties, and in turn decide whether to pay or play.