How the PrimePay Referral Program works.

1. Register.

Head to to create your PrimePay Referral Program account today.

How the PrimePay Referral Program works.

2. Share.

Tell everyone about PrimePay via your custom URL on social media, email, or printed cards. 

How the PrimePay Referral Program works.

3. Earn $100.

After your referral joins the PrimePay family, you’ll receive a $100 e-gift card (details below).

Sharing couldn’t be easier.

PrimePay Client Referral Program


Submitting your referrals is as simple as can be. After logging in to the PrimePay Referral program, there are a variety of options for you to share.

The easiest way: You can just fill in your friend’s contact information and we’ll reach out to them directly.

Invite your friends with our share options:

  • Send your friends an email right from the system.
  • Post on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter with your very own share URL (this is what tracks referrals back to you.)
  • Print that same share URL on cards to hand out at networking events.
  • Or, just copy and paste your unique URL to use wherever you see fit!

Track your earnings.

Track your earnings.


One of the best parts of the PrimePay Referral Program is that your referral status is anything but a mystery to you.

After logging in to your account, you can see when they accept your invite, submit their information to PrimePay, meet with us, and most importantly – become a PrimePay client!

We’re a match made in payroll, so let’s get earning!

We’re a match made in payroll, so let’s get earning!


Here’s the good stuff. 

When you refer a friend or professional connection to PrimePay, you can be confident knowing you’re giving them a great deal. Every client that you refer will receive 30 days of free payroll processing fees – just because you referred them.

Your earning opportunities are endless! No matter how many of your referrals join the PrimePay family, you'll be paid $100 via Tango Card for each one. Payments are issued 4-6 weeks after they become a client.

You haven’t heard of Tango Card? Well you’re going to love this. 

A Tango Card is a digital reward that you can redeem for a variety of retail e-gift cards (from Applebee’s to Amazon) or nonprofit donations (like the National Park Foundation). To see a full list, click here.