Savvy customers prioritize good service. In fact, research by Emplifi shows that 56% of consumers feel that the quality of the customer service they receive has a higher impact on how positively they view a brand than any other criteria.  

In our company, we take client satisfaction seriously, and we put our clients at the forefront of every decision we make. It’s this client-centric mindset that gives us a shared sense of purpose, helping to keep us aligned and focused on the goal of creating optimal client experiences.

How do we make sure that our company stays client-centric, even as we expand to serve more and more customers? By building our client success team with very high standards and screening every new hire for a client-centric mindset. 

Here is a list of our top job requirements for building a client success team:

Requirement #1: Has a shining attitude and is optimistic

A positive attitude is an important part of customer service. Taking a professional yet friendly, upbeat, and personable approach builds rapport and helps make clients feel valued. As data from McKinsey shows, 70% of the customer journey is based on how the customer feels they are being treated. When clients are greeted with a positive attitude, it can increase customer satisfaction. 

Optimism and enthusiasm are infectious traits; when team members are happy, it helps put the client in the same state of mind. We want to ensure those we bring into our company have a positive attitude so it can resonate through every client interaction, creating exemplary experiences that help build loyalty, long-term retention, and garner referrals.

Requirement #2: Is a great problem solver 

Problem-solving is a critical component of the client experience. Finding a solution to a difficult issue or situation is an incredibly valuable skill. When an employee is quick to solve a problem, it shows that they value the customer’s experience and satisfaction.

We ensure candidates have problem-solving skills by asking them to work through hypothetical situations that demonstrate their ability to think on their feet and their willingness to seek answers and present alternatives when necessary. And by empowering employees to handle client situations in their own way, our team members can apply their unique approach to problem-solving in order to deliver the best possible experience for our clients.

Requirement #3: Has passion

Deloitte’s study Passion at Work revealed that more than 87% of America’s workforce is not able to contribute to their full potential because they don’t have passion for their work. Employees who exhibit the attributes of someone passionate in their work drive sustained and significant performance improvement, contributing to their company's long-term success. Passion drives people to go above and beyond, identify new opportunities, learn new skills, gain more knowledge, and create deeper connections. 

We want to put people where their passion is. We strive to cultivate an environment that fosters and encourages team members to tap into that passion in order to provide clients with exemplary experiences.

Requirement #4: Is empathetic

Empathy is the ability to understand another person’s feelings. Being empathetic means listening with understanding. Not just for the purpose of solving problems but also to demonstrate compassion for what others are experiencing.

Demonstrating empathy shows clients that their feelings are important to your business.

And when clients feel heard and emotionally connected to the company, they become more loyal. Research by MyCustomer shows that 63% of customers rated themselves as very satisfied when they felt their emotional state was acknowledged and understood. And 73% said that as a result, they viewed the company in a more positive light.

Requirement #5: Has excellent communication skills

Good communication is key, no matter what industry. The essence of excellent communication skills is the ability to convey information–verbally or written–in a clear and concise manner. In addition, having excellent communication skills means possessing the ability to receive information. 

The best communicators also engage in active listening, which involves paying close attention to what is being said, asking clarifying questions, and rephrasing what was said to ensure understanding. This is especially important when it comes to building positive and lasting client relationships. Employees who have strong communication skills, listen effectively, and can relay information clearly and accurately can provide clients with a truly outstanding experience.

Requirement #6: Is naturally diplomatic and tactful

Someone who is tactful and diplomatic demonstrates sensitivity to others’ opinions, beliefs, ideas, and feelings, and behaves with the intent of avoiding negative feelings or awkwardness. These skills are centered around the ability to communicate without causing offense or damaging the relationship. Those who possess tact and diplomacy also tend to have excellent communication skills and be highly empathic.

At our company, it’s important that we treat our clients in a tactful, diplomatic manner. By demonstrating respect in all of our interactions, we build a foundation of mutual trust for our valued client relationships.

Requirement #7: Is transparent

A core aspect of providing a positive client experience is operating from a place of transparency. Clients have come to expect it, as research by SproutSocial shows that 86% of Americans believe transparency from businesses is more important than ever before.

When it comes to client experience, being transparent means proactively communicating in a timely and forthcoming manner, regardless of whether the information is good or bad. This level of transparency helps reduce anxiety and suspicion, as clients can have confidence that the information they receive is complete and accurate.

Requirement #8: Is humble

When it comes to providing a stellar client experience, customers appreciate humility.  Someone who prioritizes the client’s needs and perspective above their own is taking a humble approach. When looking to add to our team, we seek out candidates who are unassuming and genuine, who strive to keep an open mind, and convey a sense of gratitude when interacting with both clients and team members.

Humbleness in business can often be mistaken for weakness. However, many view it as a strength, and one that can offer a serious competitive advantage. A study conducted by the University of Washington Foster School of Business found that humble people are more likely to be high performers in both individual and team settings.

Requirement #9: Is a forever learner

When it comes to client experience, companies are continually updating technology and adopting new tools to improve service, so their client service teams need to get up to speed quickly. Individuals who thrive on the pursuit of knowledge and continual learning are well suited for this role. A forever learner is someone who possesses a true love for learning. They are inquisitive by nature, get excited by new ideas, and seek out opportunities to further their skills and gain expertise. 

We offer ongoing training to ensure our employees are up to date on the latest trends, tools, and best practices so they can provide the best possible service to our clients — today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Requirement #10: Can’t wait for the next level of their career

We want enthusiastic individuals to join us, and we empower them to get excited about their opportunity to grow within our company. Team members that are engaged, motivated, and eager to succeed convey that level of excitement through their interactions with clients, providing a positive experience for all involved. 

Our clients mean the world to us. So we look for candidates who possess the top attributes for delivering optimal client experiences. By adopting a client-centric mindset and keeping the client’s needs at the center of all decisions, we create an engaging work environment that is based on a culture that focuses on collaboration and development to forge deep, long-lasting relationships. 

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