PrimePay's Restaurant Analytics bundle combines powerful financial analytics with our state-of-the-art payroll solution to deliver the perfect mix of data and people operations—made-to-order so busy restaurant owners can confidently make better business decisions.

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Shape Your Future Profitability With
Customized Data Insights

Most restaurant owners know they need analytics to elevate profitability, but keeping up with orders, hiring, compliance, and simply recovering from the pandemic has kept their plates full. Compiling and analyzing reports are time-consuming tasks that are prone to misinterpretation and wasted resources. We have a better recipe.

  • See More Opportunities

    See More Opportunities

    PrimePay's Restaurant Analytics bundle offers a simple setup with immediate access to striking data visualizations, no tech experts required.

  • Identify the Secret to Success

    Identify the Secret to Success

    Track revenue and spend across locations and against any time with our benchmarking technology. Perform competitive analyses by category, store location, restaurant industry, and more.

  • Pivot Faster to Grow Profit

    Pivot Faster to Grow Profit

    Navigate restaurant trends with forecasting capabilities, simulate changes in revenue, and most importantly, predict profit gains. Anticipate changes and realize higher ROI from your analytics.