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Tom Bobst, Arnold's Family Fun Center

Arnold's began its journey as a training center for racecar drivers. Local drivers and even NASCAR superstars like Dale Earnhardt Jr. would come to the facility to train with go-karts in the winter. Because there were no fumes and the track was completely dry, the racers were able to safely sprint around the tracks. A restaurant was eventually added so the drivers had somewhere to eat while training. Of course, after all that work, they needed somewhere to play too! That's when the arcade was built. 

In 2005, the 200,000-square foot building was transformed into Arnold's Family Fun Center which now buzzes with flashing lights and adrenaline-fueled activities for all ages. This "indoor Coney Island" has continued to grow and now boasts over 200 games, bowling, bumper cars, mini golf, laser tag, live music and even a bar. 

A few of the original go-karts are still there today, but the patrons who visit Arnold's Family Fun Center seven days a week are able to participate in a multitude of other heart-racing activities.