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If you’re anything like Best Line Equipment, you know it’s tough to find qualified employees that fit your unique small business mold. 

Here are a few quick tips from our in-house talent acquisition managers who play a huge role in finding the right employees for PrimePay.

1. Start by asking the right questions.

2. Following up is key.

3. Revamp your strategy. 

Best Line Equipment found a strategy that works for them (and they are constantly looking for ways to improve upon this).

“Best Line decided it was important to revamp our benefits package and improve our recruiting and marketing strategies that will appeal to interested job seekers and customers. This has improved our success by recruiting incredible employees who then deliver exceptional service that keep our customers coming back,” explained Lucy Maney, an employee at Best Line.

Here are a few quick ways you can show your employees they matter:

“Best Line continuously improves our work life by: providing top of the line benefits, a comfortable and safe work environment, and incentives for being hardworking, dedicated employees,” said Maney.

Continual training and feedback

If you want your employees to deliver the best service possible, you’ve got to give them that opportunity. It’s so important to keep training in the forefront so your employees won’t get stuck in their same ways and lose sight of new trends that consumers actually want.

“Best Line continuously provides customer service training for its employees and also implements annual surveys to our customers to receive their feedback on how we can improve. We take our customers’ feedback very seriously and implement those points into our training,” said Maney.

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Best Line Leasing | PrimePay Testimonial
Best Line Leasing | PrimePay Testimonial