"PrimePay was recommended to us by our broker but it is PrimePay’s dedication to service that has kept us a customer for over 10 years. PrimePay administers our COBRA and we appreciate the easy-to-use portal, the immediate reporting on claims and the assistance the Client Success Specialists have provided us when adding or resolving issues associated with qualified beneficiaries."
Lucy Maney, Best Line Leasing, Inc.

Best Line Equipment is a successful, privately-owned, 13 location construction equipment rental, sales, service, and parts company that services Pennsylvania and its surrounding states.

They are an authorized dealer for over 60 major industry manufacturers and utilize a sales and service team of over 400 talented employees.

Best Line's goal is to provide customers with the best equipment rentals, construction sales, and professional services in the marketplace by providing a comprehensive range of equipment, excellent customer service, and tireless dedication to the customer.

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