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Duck Donuts

“In 2010, we took the family to the Outer Banks for vacation. As we were discussing our upcoming vacation with friends, some mentioned that we had to try Duck Donuts. Soon after we arrived, another friend who lives in the Outer Banks asked if we had tried them yet. We did. And I was completely blown away,” said owner Andrew Jarusinsky.  

How can you make sure that your next business opportunity is a perfect fit? Here are a few ways.

Community & values.

In Andrew’s case, he bought into the Duck Donuts brand because he personally had a connection to it and fell in love with it as a consumer. If you can’t buy into the brand or products you’re selling, why even bother? Just buying a franchise because you’re sure it will make money, probably isn’t the best approach. While money is an obvious driving factor with most business opportunities, it’d be hard to sustain motivation for a company whose values don’t align with yours.

“I would stress to anybody who is looking at a franchise to do your best due diligence to determine whether it's a fit for you and what your goals are as an owner or as a business person to make sure that the culture is in line. Determine what you see in terms of the quality and the consistency of the employees that are part of the franchise company, making sure that their mission and your mission are in line,” said Andrew.


Every franchise has certain corporate standards that franchisees must adhere to ensure brand consistency across the board. Makes sense. Andrew totally understood this but was pleased to learn that Duck Donuts also offered the opportunity for some flexibility locally.

“One of the things that I was looking for in researching a franchise was whether there was any flexibility and creativity for me as a business owner. Fortunately, in this case, I did want to have some guidelines, but I also wanted some local flexibility, and Duck Donuts provides that,” said Andrew.

Setting you up for success.

Before taking the leap to franchise owner, Andrew spent many years in the HR and talent consulting industry. So it’s safe to say he knew a thing or two about hiring and managing employees. This is proving to be hugely beneficial in his journey of being a business owner thus far – especially when his location grew quickly from one employee to 40.

“Having that baseline training was so critical just to provide a starting point so then as time went on, we were able to fine tune that and to learn to work together and learn how to work together more effectively and efficiently,” said Andrew.

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Duck Donuts | PrimePay Testimonial
Duck Donuts | PrimePay Testimonial
Duck Donuts | PrimePay Testimonial