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JaCiva's Bakery

JaCiva’s Bakery in Portland, Oregon showcases their values right in their name.

Back in 1986, husband and wife duo Jack and Iva perfected chocolate and dessert-making into a staple in the Portland community. By combining both of their names, JaCiva’s was born and they continue to make customers feel right at home.

One quick look at JaCiva’s Bakery’s website and you’ll know their motto is, “a quality bakery with a family atmosphere.”

From pastries to cookies to chocolates and cakes, JaCiva’s attention to quality is as decadent as their ingredients. And it’s been a part of the family tradition for 30 years (and is still owned by Jack and Iva to this day!)

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JaCiva's Bakery | PrimePay Testimonial
JaCiva's Bakery | PrimePay Testimonial