"Since the Pea Pod is a newer nonprofit, we didn't have any previous experience with payroll. PrimePay's staff was helpful and notably patient with our process. They answered our questions competently and tailored a payroll service to fit our needs. PrimePay was the best fit for our small business and offers many services for us as we grow in the future."
Tara Sawyer, The Pea Pod Family Resource Center

The Pea Pod empowers families and builds community by offering an intentional support and learning environment. They empower families by offering resources that are needed throughout the stages of parenting; build community by providing programs that give families a foundation for raising healthy, active citizens through socialization opportunities that promote emotional growth.

Grouped within one convenient location, resources include two cooperative shared childcare programs for children ages 15 months to 3.5 years, a drop-in donation based Baby Cafe, parenting workshops, book group discussions, support groups, CPR classes, and networking and social opportunities.

By providing access to these resources at the lowest possible cost and by encouraging peer education, they create ongoing enrichment opportunities, which enable families to flourish.

The Pea Pod is a place where families can slow down, a place where they can spend quality time with their children and other families, and a place that enables them to create meaningful long-term relationships. Here, they can experience the joy of childhood while receiving the support they need to navigate the challenges and isolation of these early years by creating their own villages.

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