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The Pea Pod Family Resource Center

Do you remember, as a kid, that one special hobby or collection that you put so much effort into making perfect and uniquely your own? Mine was keychains. I collected them from aquariums, the aisles of the department stores and even my dad’s company memorabilia. At that point, I was passionate about having the best collection I could possibly accrue. 

Now, collecting keychains wasn’t realty unique and doesn’t translate into a solid business plan…

However, the idea that you can take your passions and mold them into a specific niche that works for you is exactly what the Pea Pod Family Resource Center in Portland, OR did.

The Pea Pod is a parent-run childcare program that empowers families by offering the resources needed throughout the stages of parenting. This co-op style childcare offers programs for children ages 15 month to 3.5 years.

They found their niche from a personal experience…and uses that to drive their success every day.

Tara Sawyer, one of the founders, explains, “Our business found success by finding a niche, particularly with our cooperative childcare programs. We provide a way for families to share in part-time childcare, to participate in their child’s social and emotional growth, and to create community with a consistent group of families at a very affordable price. All of our founding board members had personal experiences working in a cooperative type setting, and they were able to identify and incorporate the critical elements to make these programs meaningful and valuable to our customers.”

So how can you find your specific niche and turn it into something really spectacular?

Identify your skills and listen to your gut. 

Step outside of your comfort zone.

Redefine the norm. 

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The Pea Pod Family Resource Center | PrimePay Testimonial
The Pea Pod Family Resource Center | PrimePay Testimonial
The Pea Pod Family Resource Center | PrimePay Testimonial