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Riverfront Pets

In the first few months of being open, Riverfront Pets is already seeing the positive impact from their community and the owners are using it to their advantage. Here are some tips on how you can do the same.

Was it a dream? A chance encounter? A leap of faith?

Whatever path lead you to your journey of owning a business, there’s always a story to tell and lessons to learn along the way.

Why community matters in small business.

Businesses helping businesses.

Remember that journey we talked about above? If you look around you, there are tons of other business owners who went through the same thing as you and are working towards a similar goal. It pays to help each other out.

For example, Riverfront Pets paired up with a local brewery to create specialty dog treats from the brewery’s spent grains.

“It’s pretty cool because then you can pair the beer biscuits with the brewery’s beer and have a nice evening with your pet if you wish,” Clinton explained.

Location, location, location.

There’s a lot that goes into choosing the location for your business. Aside from permits and pricing, traffic patterns and accessibility, you ultimately want to choose a place that really feels like home.

Nestled right along the Delaware River in Wilmington, the riverfront is bursting with attractions for people of all ages.

It just so happens that Laura and Clinton live about 200 yards from the space along the riverfront that has now become their pet store. Talk about being a true piece of your community.

Collaboration on every level.

Collaboration is crucial in building a stronger sense of community. From the design conception to the execution, to hiring employees, Riverfront Pets took this idea to heart.

As Clinton admits, this collaborative approach was a little different than what he was used to, but it paid off in the end.

“Usually the businesses I’ve done are very top down. But this is more grass roots, community-based with a lot of integrated pieces with all the employees. First came the design concept, then looking for a space, and then incorporating our concept into an actual design. Since we position ourselves as a more high-end pet store, selling natural foods and products, we had to do a lot of background research work as well,” explained Clinton.

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Riverfront Pets | PrimePay Testimonial
Riverfront Pets | PrimePay Testimonial
Riverfront Pets | PrimePay Testimonial