"We are blessed and honored that PrimePay has picked us up as a provider and takes really good care of us. They give us an opportunity to not spend time in the office but to be in the barn working with our horses and riders which is what we prefer to do."
Sallie Dixon, Thorncroft Equestrian Center

Thorncroft Equestrian Center's mission is to develop the physical and emotional well-being of all people including those with special needs. They are able to do this by offering therapeutic horseback riding for mentally, emotionally and physically disabled children and adults. They also train those interested in learning the horseback riding profession.

Thorncroft offers instruction in Balanced Seat Equitation, Combined Training and Trail. They offer one-hour group lessons of up to six students with comparable skill levels as well as private half-hour lessons. Depending upon the ability of the rider, lessons are held on the flat or over fences and might be in the indoor arena, outdoor enclosed ring, cross country course or through the neighboring countryside.

"We offer our land, our equipment, our horses and our ideals. But most importantly, we offer ourselves and our love. We are committed to personal growth and education in an equestrian environment of respect and love."