What is Voluntary Time Off (VTO)?

Organizations implement VTO (voluntary/volunteer time off) to provide their workers with leave options to balance staffing needs and help employees participate in volunteer work to improve communities.

Voluntary Time Off:

Voluntary time off (VTO) is an unpaid leave policy that may be granted to staff when more employees are available than needed on a given day or in a seasonal high-volume period. Major companies like Amazon use VTO to boost efficiency and to manage costs when balancing staffing with varying workloads. Nevertheless, VTO schemes can create staffing and workload inconsistencies and leave employees feeling pressure to account for or fill quotas.

Creating a Volunteer Time Off Policy:

To create a successful VTO program, balance the number of VTO hours granted with other forms of leave and ensure that workers possess ample time off for vacation and sick leaves in addition to fulfilling their job duties. Also, establish framework guidelines for workers on choosing which organizations to volunteer with before they can participate. A well-implemented VTO program demonstrates that an employer values its workforce’s contribution towards bettering their surrounding communities.