Why We're Different

Speed Up WorkActionable Org Chart.

Make changes to your organization faster than ever right from your org chart, without data entry or updating multiple screens.

One of your departments is re-orging? Drag and drop them on-top of their new boss & all done.

Need to increase the budget for a position for the new year? Jump to January first and set it & forget it.

One Source of TruthUnified Platform.

Be at ease knowing that your employees’ information is consistent. Always, and everywhere.

An employee worked overtime? Time & Attendance already told Payroll before you could finish saying PrimePay.

An employee got a promotion? Your CFO already threw a party for them.

Guide GrowthTime Machine Technology.

Take your people practices to the next level and contribute to your company’s growth with uniquely accurate data and analytics. 

Need to know at what vacancy rate you’ve operated in the last 5 years? 

Need to report on budgeted vs actual compensation? You got it!

Make Changes Once

Paylocity customers complain that their data doesn’t always seamlessly flow between the modules – any change made in Payroll or HR must be made again in Time and Labor.

PrimePay is a Unified Platform with a unique Real-time Publish & Subscribe Architecture that ensures any change you make is updated in real-time across every module.

Gone are the days when you have to adjust an employee record in more than one place.

Easily Analyze

Paylocity customers express frustration about overcomplicated reporting capabilities.

PrimePay offers an HR Dashboard you can easily manipulate according to your needs. Leverage pre-made reports and ‘drag & drop’ ad-hoc reporting to identify opportunities for improvement.

Get visibility into:

  • Turnover by Reason, Tenure, Demographic, etc.
  • Budgeted vs Actual Base Compensation
  • Open vs Filled Positions.

& so much more.

Screenshot of PrimePay's HR Dashboard within a shaped frame

Screenshot of PrimePay's Payroll Software within a shaped frame

Forget about Payroll Complexities

Paylocity has seen customers go elsewhere because they can’t handle the payroll complexities of businesses with employees that have multiple roles and pay rates.

PrimePay handles varying pay rates based on roles, locations, and job types with ease so you don’t have to worry about inaccurate payroll runs ever again.

With PrimePay you can even take it a step further and report on the true cost of your workforce by job, location, or department to make more informed decisions for your growing team.

Maximize ROI

Paylocity customer reviews unveil poor implementation that is bumpy and results in inaccurate data in their system from day one.

PrimePay’s quick start packages and implementation model ensure you get your system up and running quickly, accurately, and adapted to your needs.

Our committed implementation team with an average tenure of 15 years will make you a power user of PrimePay so you start seeing ROI from the start.

Check out our system and implementation process


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Why clients love PrimePay

“PrimePay HR is the one-stop shop for payroll and human resources…PrimePay HR is user-friendly and our employees can easily figure it out. It’s all done seamlessly, and they don’t have to find a printer or scanner. They don’t have to ask questions like ‘Why am I filling this out?’ and ‘How do I get my benefit?’ All the information is there for them.”

Mike Silver

VP of Operations and Human Resources, Solution Group 

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“We used to pay one person to do our data entry,” Richards says. “Since our payroll person retired and we moved to PrimePay, she’s become responsible for our Accounts Payable and our Accounts Receivable. We were able to save the equivalent of one fulltime hire by moving to PrimePay.”
Debbie Richards

Director of Finance, WE Inc.

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