They skip the service in SaaS, we don’t.

Big-box players in the industry are all talk about service. But never go outside the box. And for them, HCM stands for human capital management — nothing more. We have a tactical approach to client happiness. 


For us, HCM means much more.



What we strive to make our clients. That's it!



They are at the center of everything we do.



Our tactical approach to client happiness.

Smile-Worthy, begins with our people experience and extends to yours.

According to a Jobvite study, culture is very significant in the application process for 46% of candidates, and at least 88% of job seekers consider it at least relative importance. That’s why we prioritize a culture of service. Here’s how:

Rigorous Client Success Recruiting Process

When it comes to hiring, we only want the best people to serve our clients.

Autonomy, Empowerment, And Trust

We encourage employees to manage client relationships in their own unique way and to make real-time decisions.

Education, Training, And Mentoring Programs

Employees are trained in consultative selling, project management, and problem-solving.

Work-Life Balance

Employees are encouraged to take time off and rely on one another for support when needed.

Competitive Pay & Benefits

We provide competitive salaries and benefits that allow employees to fund their lives and passions and stay happy and healthy.

Why “client” instead of “customer”?

Clients are more than just customers, they’re partners. To us, “customer” conjures up a one-time transaction rather than a long-term connection. We want to do away with the short-term feel of buying and goodbye-ing.

Learn the difference between client and customer

10 Client Success Commitments

Our 10 Client Success Commitments are more than just words. They are our guiding principles and values. And they stay front and center in all we do, from how we connect to others internally to how we interact externally with clients, vendors, and business partners.

Our tactical approach may change as we grow, but our 10 Client Success Commitments will not.

Interact with a smile.

Build a positive culture.

Embrace imperfection.

Respond timely to needs.

Exhibit a growth mindset.

Be transparent.

Live by our core values.

Show humility.

Feel empowered.

Go the extra mile.


A ‘Smile-Worthy’ client experience extends beyond software and transactional support.

Our Happy Client Methodology blends purpose and passion to reinforce our mission:

“To make our clients smile every day through exceptional client experiences.”

This service model is built upon research, proven best practices, and continual improvement. Our top priority is to ensure that you begin and continue your journey with us – happy.

We’re not perfect.

Nor do we believe we ever will be. We’re learning, researching, and staying open to how we can continually improve.


Let’s make you happy.