Time Clock: It Truly Makes Cents

Time Clock Payroll Integration
PrimePay Payroll Integration
Time Clock’s Online Payroll integration means time spent manually managing time cards is cut in half.
Secured Time Tracking System
Secure Time Tracking
We provide disaster recovery and track any time a change is made to your account for easy auditing.
Cloud-Based Time Clock Software
No IT Department Needed
Our cloud-based software eliminates the need for management of updates or bug fixes; they’ll happen automatically.

Prevent Payday Panic

Last minute calculations, manual time card preparation … sound familiar? PrimePay’s Time Clock software helps prevent payday panic with an automatic system that directly flows to our Online Payroll system.

Plus, you can consider compliance handled. The automated software assures you are in compliance with federal and state government requirements.

Close the door on time tracking stress for good.


Tracking Your Most Valuable Assets

There’s a lot to consider as soon as you hire your first employee. Our Time Clock software comes complete with a tool that helps you track expenses, management reporting, remote management of employees, and more.

Concerned about overtime? The system can proactively alert you when employees are nearing overtime, keeping you compliant with state and federal laws.


Knock Out Buddy Punching

Time Clock also helps eliminate time theft. With the use of biometrics, there’s an end in sight for employees who chronically take lunches that are too long or have others clock them in.

We’ll even set up your hardware! Rent one of our standard or facial recognition clocks to best suit your needs.


Online Payroll Integration & Management
Proactive Alerts
Overtime Settings
Strong Security
Cloud-Based Time Clock Software
Customizable Company Settings
Time Clock Mobile App
HR Management Functions

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