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Speed Up WorkActionable Org Chart.

Make changes to your organization faster than ever right from your org chart, without data entry or updating multiple screens.

One of your departments is re-orging? Drag and drop them on-top of their new boss & all done.

Need to increase the budget for a position for the new year? Jump to January first and set it & forget it.

Embrace ChangePosition Management

Don’t let the constant change of headcount, open positions, and new hires hijack your time and destroy your historical data.

An employee moved on? No need to re-create the position.

An employee changed roles? don’t worry, their record nor the position are altered or deleted.

Guide GrowthTime Machine Technology.

Take your people practices to the next level and contribute to your company’s growth with uniquely accurate data and analytics. 

Need to know at what vacancy rate you’ve operated in the last 5 years? 

Need to report on budgeted vs actual compensation? You got it!

Position based architecture org chart

Gain True Visibility

Bamboo HR is a Person Based solution, meaning that when an employee is promoted, changes roles, or leaves the organization the employee record is altered or deleted — along with all the information about the role.

PrimePay manages both position- and employee-specific data separately, but simultaneously, so you can have a true picture of exactly what happened at your organization and when.

Paired with our Time Machine Technology, you can use this data to plan what your org chart should look like in the future to drive your company’s strategy.

Enjoy Greater Efficiency

With Bamboo HR, every time an employee terminates, you must get approval and re-create a requisition to backfill the position.

PrimePay’s position based architecture and bi-directional data flow between HR and the recruiting module means that as soon as someone terminates, you can immediately start recruiting for the backfill.

Enjoy the benefits of faster backfill times and less administrative work. This is just one example of how PrimePay can help you expedite your work.

Get Just What You Need

BambooHR only offers two bundles, and anything else is an add-on. Reviewers complain that add-on after add-on, everything they need becomes financially unattainable.

PrimePay on the other hand offers 6 different bundles so you can choose which fits your needs and budget best!

Gone are the days when you have to pay an arm and a leg for a system that works for you.

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Empower Your Employees

BambooHR reviewers express frustration about having to approve any changes employees make in their Employee Self-Service Portal – including Gender Identity.

There’s a happy medium between healthy control, and lack of autonomy. PrimePay has found the balance, and doesn’t overburden administrators with unnecessary approvals, yet delivers focused workflows to support the business process that impacts your business the most

We do this through dynamic routing that adapts to organizational changes.

Did a manager get moved to a different department? The workflows will dynamically route to the person’s replacement or the senior manager without any lift from you.

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Why clients love PrimePay

“PrimePay HR is the one-stop shop for payroll and human resources…PrimePay HR is user-friendly and our employees can easily figure it out. It’s all done seamlessly, and they don’t have to find a printer or scanner. They don’t have to ask questions like ‘Why am I filling this out?’ and ‘How do I get my benefit?’ All the information is there for them.”

Mike Silver

VP of Operations and Human Resources, Solution Group 

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“We used to pay one person to do our data entry,” Richards says. “Since our payroll person retired and we moved to PrimePay, she’s become responsible for our Accounts Payable and our Accounts Receivable. We were able to save the equivalent of one fulltime hire by moving to PrimePay.”
Debbie Richards

Director of Finance, WE Inc.

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