“PrimePay HR is the one-stop shop for payroll and human resources...PrimePay HR is user-friendly and our employees can easily figure it out with a quick phone call. It’s all done seamlessly, and they don’t have to find a printer or scanner. They don’t have to ask questions like ‘Why am I filling this out?’ and ‘How do I get my benefit?’ All the information is there for them.”
Mike Silver
VP of Operations and Human Resources, Solution Group

A rapidly growing industrial wastewater treatment company

Solution Group initially was a small group of family and friends — a team of four people who shared responsibilities and oversight. The team grew to 65 staff members spanning across 13 states. While expanding, the company needed to hire executives, salaried and hourly staff, and 1099 contractors— which meant introducing payroll and employee benefits. 

Remote workers and diverse payment schedules

With a remote workforce spread across 13 states, storing all personnel records in a physical office space was no longer an option for Solution Group. The company needed to retain its personnel records in the cloud to ensure that staff had access to them at any time, from anywhere.

When Silver learned about the PrimePay HR solution, he decided that the transition made sense, due to its integration with payroll and reasonable cost. With PrimePay HR, Silver was able to store personnel records in the cloud, manage different payment schedules and benefits, and integrate payroll.

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“If there’s one thing you must get right, it’s payroll,” says Silver. “People rightfully get angry if their pay is delayed. PrimePay HR is the one-stop shop for payroll and human resources. As long as they continue delivering the service we expect, I see no need to explore other options.”

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