“PrimePay centralizes people and payroll data across all departments and systems to ensure that every decision is made from consistent, accurate information, which updates any time there’s a change anywhere in the organization.”
Jamie Press
SVP of HR, PrimePay

A whole new world.

Even a trusted leader in the HR software space faces novel and complex challenges. The company’s rapid growth — both organic and via acquisitions — coupled with a constantly-changing social environment presented a unique opportunity to put its solutions and its people to the test.

The evolution of candidate expectations and changes in the hiring process has added another layer of complexity to an already difficult task of recruiting candidates and then retaining them for the long haul. Meanwhile, the near-constant pressure and uncertainty around macroeconomic volatility — inflation, downturns in the economy, and other factors — impact business decisions at every level of the organization.

Press says that the combination of these shifts, along with PrimePay’s acquisition of a leading human capital management (HCM) platform provider and its own investment by a private equity firm, created an unprecedented business environment full of opportunities and challenges to manage.

The last few years have seen more change and evolution than at any time in recent memory,” says Jamie Press, PrimePay’s Senior Vice-President of Human Resources. “Fortunately, we had the right mix of experience, leadership, and technology in place to come out stronger and more resilient. As challenging as the external factors were, the internal ones were even more complex,” she says. “Not only were we combining corporate cultures, but we were also merging business models and corporate data systems, which made it much more difficult to understand everything from current and projected staffing levels to how many people were enrolled in different benefits programs.

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